About Us

Our History

DementiaSA was founded by Karen Borochowitz and a group of professionals and community workers. DementiaSA was registered as a NPO in 2006 and embraces the principles of person-centered Care. In a short period of time, counseling DementiaSA has become the “go-to” organisation for people needing help, information, support, training and. The organisation trains care-givers and professionals (social workers, OT’s, GP’s and other allied health care workers) in the specialized skills required to look after people living with dementia and their resultant memory and cognitive disability. Social workers assist families with assessments, medico-legal decisions, and guidelines to select a care facility.

DementiaSA provides a 24 hour Helpline, raises awareness nationally, and is actively involved in research and ongoing advocacy. DementiaSA advises residential care facilities, trains nurses, community health workers, social workers, legal and financial professionals, community workers and occasionally the police and magistrates.
DSA has pioneered the world’s first SPEAKING BOOK on dementia which will be used in communities with low levels of literacy. DementiaSA is also a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO), BBBEE level 4 compliant, VAT registered, and our training is registered with the HPCSA (accredited for GPs and doctors) and the SACSSP (social work professional body)

Objectives and Strategy

Education and awareness: raise awareness through workshops, distribution of materials, use of social media and PR, holding events and giving talks at senior centres. Advocacy and lobbying to keep the plight of elder persons in the spotlight, ensuring that government recognises Dementia as a non-communicable disease and a disability. Market and build a profile for the organisation to ensure sustainability and long-term resource base.


Provide support through direct and telephonic counselling made available through a 24 hour Helpline.


Research using epidemiological methodologies in order to understand prevalence of Dementia in all South African communities.


Skills development and capacity building through training of care-givers and health professionals working with people with Dementia.

Year-on-Year Performance
growth between April-March 2014/2015 & 2015/2016


Increase in cases closed


Increase in cases opened


Increase in intro to Dementia courses completed


Increase in support calls


Increase in face-to-face support


Increase in unique website visitors


Increase in number of available support groups

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